3 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Applying to Jobs by Holly @herhelloworld


Tips by Microsoft Engineer, Holly (@herhelloworld)

Job applications can feel like a job in and of itself, but if you approach it strategically can transform the process into a manageable one where the outcomes can be life changing! Use these three tips to get you started:

1. Use your network: Reach out to the company’s recruiter on LinkedIn or use your network to connect directly to the hiring manager. Introduce yourself, share why you are passionate about the work they do, and emphasize what you would bring to the team. Close out the message by including a call to action (i.e. give them a reason to respond), for example by asking for more details about the role/team or setting up a call to talk. Most jobs are filled internally or through networks, so make sure you are using yours to maximize your potential. If you aren't looking for a job, build strong, genuine relationships with people in industry now that you can pull on them later.

2. Update all your online profiles: Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways of engaging with the industry to build your thought leadership and serve as a passive source of information about you. People are constantly looking you up to connect and pass on opportunities, so it's important your profiles share your recent impacts and highlight what makes you stand out. Your online presence is part of your personal brand - think about what you want people to say about you when you aren't in the room.

3. Seek roles that align to your strengths and mission: When you are working on something you are passionate about you will be more successful, find more fulfillment, and create bigger impact. Ask yourself, what is my version of success? Finding the intersection between what can make you money and who you are is a process, but one that brings the greatest rewards. Don't be afraid to be bold + think creatively!


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Rooting for you always, Holly Xx

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