3 Tips to Break in to Tech by Linda @lindavivah


Tips by @lindavivah, Software Developer and founder of @codingcrystals

I personally had an untraditional path into Tech and made my career switch post-college. Here are some tips I have if you are looking to break into Tech:

1. Community & Meetups:

Finding your community whether on social media or elsewhere, can be instrumental in your tech career journey. There are plenty of people learning tech-related skills & communities of people in Tech online. I personally found that in moments of doubt (which is totally normal when learning something new) seeing others in tech gave me the confidence to push through. Also, everything about the Tech industry is based on the sharing of ideas and resources. I learn so much till today by surrounding myself with people in the tech community on both my feed, slack groups, Tech twitter, conferences, etc.

Another thing I highly recommend is attending meetups. You can go on the meetup app and find many events & panels on various tech topics. Those meetups helped me immensely as I was exploring the different paths I can take.

2. Define a Small Goal that excites you: 

Giving yourself a goal and deadline is important but many times when learning something new, if the goal is not specific enough or attainable in the near future it can become overwhelming and become hard to see through. Technology is about innovation and building, the skill sets within it like coding, designing are tools in order to bring these ideas to life.

For example, if you would like to learn to code, my suggestion is to choose a small project you want to build that is (1) not too complex & (2) something that you would find fun to create. You can then work backwards and research what you would need to do & learn to create this small project.

In general, having something that can be attainable in a few days/weeks is a great way to get your feet wet. A lot of the journey into Tech is trying different things. Best part? There are many cool free beginner project tutorials on youtube that you can follow to get started.

Which leads me to my 3rd tip....

3. Allow yourself to Explore:

Even if you start with learning something and change your niche, the starting & consistency is key. Don’t feel that you have to know exactly what you will niche into in Tech right away. Many of those skills you learn no matter the niche are transferable. By doing hands-on type work, you will learn faster & understand what you personally enjoy. The journey is part of the learning process so celebrate the small wins. Learning how you learn best is very much part of any tech career so there is no such thing as wasted time when you are exploring different paths in tech. No matter what level you are in your tech career, you will always be learning something new - which I personally find to be one of the coolest parts about being in Tech.

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