Technology meets lifestyle

Welcome to Tiffin

Tiffin was created out of a need to seamlessly connect technology & lifestyle together in a modern and effortless approach. Tech that suits your lifestyle. A place where you can find all of the best tech items to ease your day to day life. Tech items that have been tried and tested by us to keep you in the loop on all the latest technology.

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany is a developer who started her career in the modelling & fashion industry and found her way into the tech industry. What can be a very overwhelming industry for many at first, she saw a gap to ease people into what tech has to offer to improve their day to day lives through tech products that are tried and tested for quality and ease. Sharing her love for tech and passion for making tech accessible through her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Our Approach

Tiffin was created to bring to you a curated selection of tech products that can enhance your day to day life. Tech to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.
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